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08 April 2013 @ 06:19 pm

Hi all! I've been reading a lot of fanfiction in multiple fandom's lately, and in a lot of them, I've been having a hard time finding good rec lists, which means I'm just kind of wandering around blindly trying to find well written characters and plot. Sometimes I lose track of stories I think are amazing as well, and then I get upset with myself for not saving them somewhere. So I thought a recommendation community might be a nice idea for both myself and anyone else whose having a hard time in the same fandom's I'm sifting through.

Of course, I know that my tastes in fanfiction may not be the same as anyone else's, so if you have any rec's you want to share with me, I'd love to read and add them to whatever I have :) As I said on the profile however, I would really like to avoid any self-reccing. If your fanfiction is well loved, then someone else will surely rec it to me, and that's much better validation then getting your fic rec'd from yourself, right?

I hope you find something you'll enjoy here!


1. The first name in the pairing is the "top"
2. The Character tag is only used for gen or non-pairing related fanfics
3. The Author tag is used if the author themself is being rec'd and there are multiple rec posts for their writing
13 December 2013 @ 03:33 pm
I stopped posting here a while ago, mostly because I had stopped reading fanfactions for a short break, but now I am back and

I am now on tumblr!

At the time being, it’s mainly thor, but I will start posting recs from my other fandoms including the ones currently featured here.

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10 June 2013 @ 07:51 pm
Fandom: Naruto
Title: Forbidden
Author: Beacon
Summary: However being a man of strong faith, he did not want to encourage the wrath of the lord, so instead he offered the devil the soul of his unborn child. NaruSasu Spiritual theme...
Pairing: NarutoxSasuke
Status: Complete; Oneshot; 1,310 Words
Rating: M
Reason for Reccing: For a church fic, this one is one of my favorite. The summary is a direct line from the story, but it is misleading. It's told from the first person pov of Sasuke, who is the son of the man mentioned in the summary. However, Sasuke is not the first born. The irony is that Sasuke can't help being attracted to a demon, and that in itself is as if his father did encourage the wrath of the lord, which caused him to lose both of his sons to the devil, in a way. I like it because it's short, simple, fantastically written, and not in the least bit cliched. There is no love here, but there is something charming, and something oh so them. Dark, in a way, but also almost neutral.

09 June 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Fandom: Naruto
Title: Masquerades
Author: Andrometamorphose
Summary: narusasu with a little twist
Pairing: NarutoxSasuke
Status: Complete; Oneshot; 1,172 Words
Rating: M
Reason for Reccing: I like this one because of how simply it was written, and the idea of it. It is a little confusing at first. Sasuke has a split personality, and most of the time he crossdresses as a women named "Saki." Naruto misses Sasuke, however. They only fuck when it's Naruto and Saki, but Naruto likes to think they make love when it's him and Sasuke. When Saki is the one who comes to his room one night, Naruto begs for Sasuke instead. The fic gives off the idea that Sasuke is sick and that's why he becomes Saki, and it's an interesting look into  Sasuke's psyche turning on him in a way.

28 May 2013 @ 03:59 pm
Fandom: South Park
Title: The Definition of Insanity
Author: X*
Summary: Tweek inadvertently starts a new trend and triggers a bloody war. Craig inadvertently saves the day.
Pairing: None
Status: Complete; Oneshot; Unkown Word Count
Rating: T
Reason for Reccing: This fic is just way too hilarious. Told from Craig's POV, Craig is annoyed by Tweek's constant ramblings about Underwear Gnomes. Unfortunately for him, he gets drawn into the drama when an Underwear Gnome tries to steal his underwear one night, and he kills it by hitting if over the head with his lamp. This, causes the war. My favorite line of all time ""I FUCKING HATE GOING COMANDO!" Tweek shrieked as he ran forward." Oh, I will never get over this fic. It's the perfect Tweek Gnome-apocalypse. And the inspiring art is amazing as well.

Fandom: South Park
Title: Shadow Wings and the Existential Zombie
Author: Miaou Jones
Summary: "Oh," Stan says. "So you didn't, like, die? In the alleyway behind Skeeter's?" He looks over and, when their eyes meet, the beginning of a smile fades off Kenny's mouth.
Pairing: StanxKenny
Status: Complete; Oneshot; 2,158 Words
Rating: T
Reason for Reccing: Written for South Park Reverse Big Bang in a post-apocalyptic world, Kenny and Stan brave a world where Darkness has fallen and the light barley touches their world. Stan thinks of everyone as dealing with the darkness in their own way, most of whom create their own stories, while he himself doesn't think himself as the main character. In fact, he comes to combine his story and Kenny's as one, and names Kenny "Shadow Wings," when he see's Kenny's shadow with wings. It's really creative, and not as dark as you'd think. Written very well and with a touch of sweetness. I absolutely loved this one.

26 May 2013 @ 03:04 pm
Fandom: South Park
Title: You Can Write it on My Grave
Author: natsu
Summary: A story about hitting the quarter-life crisis and why moving in with your super-best doesn't always work so well. In which Kyle is uptight, Stan is a mess, Kenny knows too much and Cartman...is faring better than all of them. Slash. K/K/S triangle.
Pairing: KennyxKyle, StanxKyle
Status: Complete; Chapter Fic; 47,246 Words
Rating: T
Reason for Reccing: It took me quite some time to come to terms enough with this fic to rec it. It was wonderfully written, it was just such a emotional roller coaster that it was very easy to get angry with it and the end broke my heart, so I almost didn't want to rec it. But I got over myself, and decided it did deserve to be recced. Kenny quite literally steals Kyle away from Stan, knowing all the while that both of them like each other, just don't realize it yet. Kyle falls in love with Kenny, but Kenny is a very messed up person considering he can die and come back to life all he wants. He's very reckless, even with Kyle around, and has a sick love for dying. Though it started out as just finding Kyle hot, Kenny falls in love with him too. Unfortunately for Stan, Wendy helps him realize that he's always been in love with Kyle, and that's when he accidentally finds out Kyle and Kenny are sleeping together. The love triangle just gets worse and worse, everyone betraying someone else, until it all comes falling down in the final chapter. It'll break your heart, but the fact that the author keeps true to the characters feeling's for one another, makes it amazing. Kyle will realize that he loves Stan too, but the relationship he's developed with Kenny is just too precious too him, and the fact that he doesn't just drop Kenny for Stan sets the fanfic apart from a lot of fanfics that would allow a character to ditch the person they love for someone else like its no big deal. Kyle agonizes over the whole situation. VERY DARK.

Fandom: South Park
Title: Herbert Garrison's Night School for Unwed Fathers
Author: hollycomb
Summary: Pregnant and jilted, Henrietta places a vengeful spell on the senior class boys, wanting them to feel her pain. Stan and Kyle are just two of the unwitting victims. Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Butters, Cartman/Wendy, Tweek/Craig, Token/Clyde
Pairing: StanxKyle, KennyxButters, CartmanxWendy, CraigxTweek, TokenxClyde
Status: Complete; Chapter Fic; 208,844 Words
Rating: T
Reason for Reccing: This has officially become one of my top favorite South Park fics. The first and final chapters are in Henrietta's POV, but the rest goes back and forth between Stan and Kyle, mainly Stan. Henrietta becomes pregnant with the anti-christ, and as a result, gains magical powers for the term of her pregnancy. Angry that all the boys in South Park are gay and not in danger of becoming pregnant, Henrietta casts a spell that does make the boys pregnant. Even Cartman. This is a hilarious ride, but also very emotional. The boys end up going to night school, because of the way they are treated, and they all become very close, even to Henrietta herself. The way hollycomb develops the pregnancies, and the relationships between all the characters is very realistic, and in times, heartbreaking. I loved the whole idea, and even if mpreg is usually a cracky plot device, it works really well in the South Park fandom. Also, you get to meet the kids, and that's one of the best parts :)

Fandom: South Park
Title: The Moment Just Before Everything & Other Stories
Author: Arvade & Miauou (miaoujones)
Summary: Ongoing series of unrelated sketches, canon-based and AU, about the lives and loves of the South Park kids.
Informal collaboration between Arvade (pictures) and Miaou Jones (words).
Pairing: StanxKyle, KennyxButters, ClydexCraig, ClydexKevin, ClydexButters, CraigxTweek
Status: Complete; Drabbles; 8,031 Words
Rating: Unrated
Reason for Reccing: There are multiple reasons to rec this one. One of those reasons would definitely be the art. The art for this is just so beautifully done. It's not really anime style, and it's not the style of the actual show. It's more realistic and expresses so much feeling. The drabbles are adorable and perfect, written in a vignette form. The characters are so them. I just loved getting the chance to explore the different pairings. I'm not actually certain if it's complete, or if more drabbles will be added, but for all intents and purposes, it is complete.

25 May 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Fandom: South Park
Title: 50 Words of Wetters
Author: JoeMerl
Summary: He might be dumb, but at least he's pleasant to be around, unlike most people. And even if other people think she's a know-it-all, to him she's just his smart, pretty girlfriend. Fifty prompts for the under-used pairing Butters/Wendy.
Pairing: ButtersxWendy
Status: Complete; Drabble; 2,036 Words
Rating: T
Reason for Reccing: I've never read a Butters/Wendy fic before now, and I don't even remember how I came across this, but it sounded super cute, and definitely was super cute. 50 word prompts came together to create the cutest little drabble. Each word was one sentence of pure adorableness. You just might have a sugar crash. Butters is purely Butters, all his dorky guilelessness and all the little things that could only ever happen to Butters. In this, Butters and Wendy somehow come together as the perfect couple.